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farming in hawaii - youth empowerment

Restoring Ancestral Abundance Through Youth Empowerment in Hawai‘i : Food First

Colonization has negatively impacted indigenous communities’ health, wealth, and culture around the world—and Hawai‘i is no exception. As a FoodCorps service member with MA‘O Organic Farms, I have the privilege of working alongside visionary colleagues who are working to re-establish Hawaii‘s ancestral abundance. Mala ‘Ai Opio—which translates to “the youth food garden” or MA’O for short—is […]

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Year of Hope for Hawaii Hemp – Civil Beat

Last week, a constituent shared with me a very special February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics. Inside the tan pages and tattered edges, along with other articles on the cutting edge technologies of its time, is an article on hemp, the “New Billion Dollar Crop.” With new technologies, it was highly profitable to move ahead […]

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Lindy Shapiro - Environmental Awareness

Maui Teacher to Trek 750 Miles to Raise Environmental Awareness | Maui Now

Seventy-hundred-and-fifty miles, 31 days, six islands, and one woman on a mission. Maui teacher and author Lindy Shapiro, founder of the Bodhi Education Project, is embarking on an ambitious, month-long coastal trek across the islands. Called “holoHI,” her goal is to inspire kids toward constructive change by raising awareness on a growing problem in Earth’s […]

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Surfer Magazine - Island Earth Trailer

Cyrus Sutton’s “Island Earth” | SURFER Magazine

If you’ve paid much attention to Hawaiian politics lately, you know that the island’s rural communities are in a battle against Big Ag’s experimentation with GMO crops and advanced pesticides. This battle recently caught the attention of pro surfer/filmmaker Cyrus Sutton, who’s been surf tripping from his native California to Hawaii since his teens. Lately, […]

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Hawaii 24/7 logo

Federal grant supports Hawaii Farm to School programs | Hawaii 24/7

The Kohala Center recently received a federal Farm to School grant to support the increase of locally produced foods for Hawaii schools and to increase support for school gardens and farms statewide through curriculum development that connects core standards with garden-based education. “Every year, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) awards the Farm to […]

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monsanto gmo seeds in the hand of a monsanto worker over one of their soybean fields

Monsanto Employee Opens up About Operations on Kunia Farms

It was a sunny and picturesque afternoon on Monsanto’s 2300-acre grow-out station in Kunia. The Waianae mountain range loomed above and Pearl Harbor’s west loch sprawled out past the H-1 below. Taylor Kellerman, Kailua born-and-raised Operations Lead at Monsanto, wore a red aloha shirt, blue jeans and a bright yellow hat labeled Monsanto. He smiled […]

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Local Organic Foods sign at permaculture farmers market

Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World – Civil Beat

Despite GMO supporters’ claims in Hawaii, the “Chemical Agriculture Age” is not essential to producing enough food for all the planet’s inhabitants. A recent opinion piece in the Maui News blog opposing organic agriculture and in support of biotech GE (GMO) research in Hawaii accused organic agriculture of being a reason people are starving. It […]

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