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From Sugar to Monsanto: Today’s occupation of Hawaii by the Agrochemical Oligopoly

Hawai‘i’s year-round growing season is purportedly the main reason that the global agrochemical-seed industry has located itself in the islands. Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta and BASF claim that they operate in Hawai‘i solely because of its “natural resource competitive advantage,” and that their “contributions … are at no cost to the State.” It is certainly […]

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Peak Food

Have we reached ‘peak food’? Shortages loom as global production rates slow – Environment – The Independent

Peak Foods The world has entered an era of “peak food” production with an array of staples from corn and rice to wheat and chicken slowing in growth – with potentially disastrous consequences for feeding the planet. New research finds that the supply of 21 staples, such as eggs, meat, vegetables and soybeans is already […]

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Check Out Our Environmental Quotes Sustainable, Regenerative, & Connected Eco Quotes The environmental quotes page will grow like a sprawling tree, branches grasping  towards the sky while the roots drive deep.  The content is inspirational & though provoking.  It is easy to get lost in the “civilized world” that has been crafted over the past […]

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