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Permaculture Hawaii Schools

Permaculture Design Courses (PDC)

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted & thoughtful observation rather than protracted & thoughtless labour; & of looking at plants & animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system. – Bill Mollison

Big Island

La’ akea

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We are a small, family style, egalitarian, intentional permaculture community on the big island of Hawai’i. Staying with us is a vibrant immersion in our community lifestyle, and many visitors find it transformative and life changing.

We are a committed group of people working together closely as a means to health, relationship vitality, economic stability, personal and spiritual growth. We integrate the social aspects of sustainability into daily life: how to live together with honesty, love and peace, and share power and leadership.

La’ akea  Permacutlure Website – La’ akea Permaculture Facebook Page

Hawaiian Sanctuary

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Immerse yourself with a local expert using the latest cutting-edge permaculture techniques. Topics such as efficient micro-organisms (EM), mulching with greenwaste, woodchips, and cinder, compost tea, bokashi, composting, weed tea … including classes and observation of the care of each of these techniques. Learn about landscaping design through the principles of permaculture – Zone and Sector management, roads, pathways, access, conjunctions of buidings zones, living spaces, sun reception, water flow, patterns, edges, seeds, plant growth, and planted berms. Come find out about both ancient Hawaiian secrets and new leading edge organic farming practices.

Hawaiian Sanctuary WebsiteHawaiian Sanctuary Facebook Page


Honaunau EcoRetreat Farm & Education Center

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Sharing our collaborative endeavor towards regenerative holistic living…
Developing on 7.5 acres, we are dedicated to being a conscious model of regenerative holistic living. Our integrative approach includes; caring for the land, the animals, ourselves, each other and our community.

We have a strong connection to our own conscious evolution…weaving farm life into a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. The farm is an ongoing opportunity for us to “walk a spiritual path with practical feet”.

Honaunau EcoRetreat Farm & Education Center – Honaunau EcoRetreat Farm & Education Center Facebook Page


HiP Agriculture

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Agricultural Lifestyle Immersion Course
This immersion course covers everything from building soil to building community. Immerse in the daily rhythms of farm living, sharpen your observation skills as a student of nature, and experience community living.

Enjoy learning in our outdoor classroom; the deep fertile soils, rich bio-diversity, and lush tropical abundance of Hawaii serve as our living laboratory. Explore forest gardens and ecosystem health as well as gain valuable skills that can be applied to conservation and restoration efforts around the world.

Eating fresh and delicious island foods, living in close connection to the land, and studying a systems approach to sustainable agriculture, this course will give you the tools you need to realign and build a lasting relationship with the land as well as tools to live a healthy lifestyle.

HiP Agriculture WebsiteHiP Agriculture Facebook Page


Permaculture Kaua’i

sustainable, eco, farmingWe are a five acre permaculture nursery and organic farm, located on Kaua’i’s North East Shore at Moloa’a. Owned and operated by Ray Maki, we specialize in non invasive clumping bamboos, fruit trees and edible landscaping, native plants, and exotic tropical landscapes.

The nursery has 1/4 acre of potted plants and acres of infield nursery stock. Permaculture Kaua’i also offers design, consultation, and installation of agricultural and residential landscapes at any scale.

Our mission is to affordably supply agricultural products and services to the people of Kaua’i with integrity, honesty, and proven expertise. Our philosophy is to work closely with the client to achieve their vision and objectives in the design and implementation of a sustainable, vibrant, low maintenance landscape.

Permaculture Kaua’i Website  –  Permaculture Kaua’i Facebook Page


Sustainable Living Institue Of Maui

permaculture, eco, school, coursesOur Mission

The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui is committed to optimizing Maui’s economy by helping people build skills that are compatible with the community’s cultural choices and economic aspirations; developing Maui as an exemplary and prosperous island; sharing eco-effective methods with other communities throughout the world; and serving as a living laboratory and classroom for building and managing holistic communities.


The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui strives to be the premier institution for fostering sustainable, innovative methods of community development and management. The Institute draws students not only from Maui, but also from the entire state of Hawai’i and around the world to learn about and apply the sustainable sciences. These sciences are grounded in the watershed management system and draw inspiration from the Native Hawaiian land management system embodied in the ahupua’a. The Institute serves as a catalyst to make the island of Maui a prototype for the development of sustainable island communities.

Sustainable Living Institute of Maui WebsiteSustainable Living Institute of Maui Facebook Page


Waihuena Farm

permaculture, training, courses, sustainability, hawaiiMission
To facilitate a flourishing community whose healthy economy is nourished through ecological roots, to grow FOOD & a PLACE to support quality of life, health and wellbeing….to aloha aina, malama pono and to steward Pupukea/Paumalu reserve.
Aloha! Waihuena Farm (established as Meleanas Farm) is a very special three acre lot, with an additional 17 acres under lease on beautiful North Shore Oahu just across the street from Pipeline.
We have big dreams for the farm including- becoming a co-op to better serve other small farms in the area, expanding our nursery to help supply starts and plants for your home garden and offering food service!

Waihuena Farm WebsiteWaihuena Farm Facebook Page

Transition Oahu

permaculture, sustainability, sustainable, school, course, training, hawaiiTransition Oahu is a grassroots community movement growing around our need to build increasingly sustainable and resilient communities.

We are part of a worldwide movement working to meet the challenges of peak oil, climate change, financial crises, and natural and man-made disasters while creating a better quality of life in the process.

Re-localization is key. Our aim is to collaborate with other groups and individuals to formulate our own unique Transition Initiative based on our community’s needs, resources, culture, strengths, and weaknesses.

Transition Oahu WebsiteTransition Oahu Facebook Page

The Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design

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Our mission is to restore degraded lands and to develop demonstrative & educational resources exploring regenerative design.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design Website – The Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design FB Page