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E lauhoe mai na wa`a; i ke ka, i ka hoe; i ka hoe, i ke ka; pae aku i ka ‘aina

“Everybody paddle the canoes together; bail and paddle, paddle and bail, and the shore will be reached.” If everybody pitches in, the work is quickly done.

Within the present lies both the past and the future; and the future is going to be primarily directed by your present understanding of the past.  The more you know about where you have come from the better you will be at understanding who you are now and afford the best opportunity to become who you most desire to be.

These roots of the past drive back to the beginning of all human ancestry, then it pushes even further.  Enjoy & celebrate our cultural heritages; as we know from the legends of science and the legends of our own hearts and spirit we are all one race, one people.

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The Ka‘iwakīloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center consists of two major components: 1)  the Hawaiian Cultural Center facility, and 2) the Hawaiian Cultural Center programs. While efforts have been underway to garner support for the construction of the Center, there have also been concurrent efforts to help develop the cultural character of our people and the campus environment via program offerings.

Ka‘iwakīloumoku is dedicated to providing opportunities to learn Hawaiian knowledge – ‘ike Hawai‘i – and to live and practice Hawaiian culture as a vibrant way of life – nohona Hawai‘i.  These efforts are guided by statements that articulate a vision for the Native Hawaiian people, a “Lāhui Vision” – He Nu‘ukia Lāhui Hawai‘i.  In this light, we continually strive to affirm our mission to ensure a vibrant Hawaiian society – e kū ke ola i ka moku – in the 21st century and beyond.

1887 Makuakāne Street Honolulu, HI 96817-1887 Phone: 808.842.8655 Fax: 808.842.8152 Email: kaiwa@ksbe.edu

Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua

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Truly a “grass roots” movement, the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua is in the very seedling stages of growth.  

Lanakila has been a moving force for education, sustainability, and honoring of Hawaiian culture, traditions, and need for regrowth in our community.
Citizens of the Big Island, especially on the Hamakua Coast, have rallied together to support him in bringing his vision to the people of Hamakua, as well as our Island’s visitors.
​In an early meeting to brainstorm our purpose and methods of growth, Lanakila declared that the he’e, or octopus, was going to be our Aumakua.  As he further explained, the legs all represent the many directions which the organization will take, the people who support him with their many talents, energies, and efforts.
The head represents the organization itself, focused on education, life, and growth for the people and cultures of Hawaii.
The mouth is represented by Lanakila himself, who monitors and chooses what goes in, and what comes out, and thereby nurtures the organization with his discernment and wisdom.
We look forward to providing our community with a way to pursue a deeper connection with the Hawaiian culture, as well as a place where visitors can delve into the history and traditions of Hamakua and Hawaii.

PoePoe Hawaiian Cultural Center

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The world is trying to change its way of thinking from material to the importance of the “heart”. The way of thinking “Happiness lies in the mind” was the basic philosophy in a culture that values nature, including Hawaii. Hawaiian culture has been based on this idea and has been inherited to generations.

Hula population has been explosively expanding in the world since the late 1990s, around the same time, Ukulele population has also expanded. This only proves that Hawaiian culture has been widely accepted by different people in the world, and is nothing more than an indication of what people really need the most by living in this modern society. We have created an opportunity for people who believe in Hawaiian culture, and would like to explore the world of hula and ukulele in much depth.

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Mon-Sat, 12:00-9:00pm.
Closed Sundays.


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