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Integrating sustainable business with our every day living is crucial to developing long term health & happiness for everyone.  Seek out your local Hawaiian sustainable business operators and support them.  Spread the word through out the community about the individuals who own & operate sustainable businesses that serve the community and the environment.


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The mission of the Sustainability Association of Hawaii (SAH) is to educate, promote and advocate for businesses, organizations, and green professionals working to grow a thriving local economy for Hawaii.


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RISE, a core program of Kupu, is a collaborative effort which innovatively addresses two paramount needs for Hawaii: sustainability and local job creation. RISE works with closely with private, public, and nonprofit partners to develop paid internship opportunities for higher-education students and graduates seeking professional experience in the sustainability sector. RISE provides technical project support and expertise while managing the hiring, HR, training, and mentoring of interns to ensure the successful execution of our partner’s projects. RISE also complements these internships with its Sustainability Seminar Series (S3), which links interns with the intellectual and community networks they need to grow their knowledge base and build their careers.


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Kupu was developed in response to the growing needs of Hawai`i’s communities to train up the next generation in natural resource management, renewable energy, energy conservation and other green job skill sets. Kupu is predicated on the Hawaiian concept of maka hana ka`ike, “in working one learns.” Kupu programs teach youth vital work skills as well as leadership, responsibility and learning to serve the community, incorporating vocational training, educational degree achievement and service learning. Kupu provides hundreds of paid internships, engages up to 17,000 volunteers, and provides more than $9 million benefit to Hawai`i through its programs annually. This includes over 230,000 service hours and close to a half million dollars in college and continued education funds to Hawai`i’s youth.

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HSCA’s goal is having an ordinance passed that permits the use of owner ingenuity & preferences in the creation of affordable, owner-built, low-impact housing on agricultural land,  suitable for the Big Island’s varied tropical locations, lifestyles & economy.