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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

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Farmers Market Hawaii – Locating Organic Food

One of the best aspects of a Hawaiian lifestyle is the fresh locally grown food.  A wide variety of produce items that don’t do well in a commercial distribution chain exist throughout the Hawaiian island chain, this challenge denies most people from ever being able to taste them.

There are various tropical fruits that at first glance may seem peculiar, unfamiliar, but don’t let that stop you from being swept away in exceptional experience of incredible taste; so delicious.

Depending on which local Hawaii farmers’ market you attend the opportunity to find a wide range of goods exist.  A typical spread will include, but not limited to, tropical fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and hand made goods.

If you are looking for nutrient dense ultra healthy produce the search isn’t always as easy as showing up, it can be challenging.   Unfortunately these islands, that are prime for establishing a self sufficient food web, import a surprisingly high percentage of food.  I have seen the import range percentage vary with all numbers being to the high side.  The important fact is that more and more people are choosing to grow local food and the support for this shift is strong; your seeking out high quality locally grown food supports that movement too.

Farmers Market Hawaii - Pineapples & Rambutans on a stand

Tropical Offerings – Farmers Market Hawaii

Until beyond organic local produce is common place at all the markets we offer a couple Farmers Market Hawaii tips for roaming through the market place looking for organic, or beyond organic, food:

  • Look under and around the booth tables.  Organic producers will often have large coolers that they bring their organic produce & organic meat to the market.  Vendors who pick up their produce at a wholesale seller often show up with the waxy boxes stamped with the large industrial food suppliers logo stamped all over the boxes.
  • Ask!  Simply ask the seller if they work on the farm, what position they hold, and if the products are organic.  A great thing to ask is if you can visit the farm.  Often times organic or beyond organic style growers are excited to have people out to the farm to show off their operation.  People who aren’t growing organic but claim they are won’t have you out to the farm.
  • Look for items that are not the standard offering.  Many times people who are carrying items that are not found at every other table indicate a good place to dig a little further.
  • Get a referral from someone you have identified as a grower at the market.  When you find an organic grower ask them who else at the farmer’s market might be an organic grower.

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