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Promoting Independence While Building Integration

Hawaii Eco Living is the manifested vision of many eco sustainable minded individuals; a central hub where you can find people, places, products, services, events, inspiration, motivation, information, community collaboration, and a roadside fruit stand while living the island lifestyle dream.   This site is for the people looking to weave a web that furthers our ability to sustain ourselves, together in community, while pushing our living definition of sustainable practices.

In a world that seems to be forever speeding up we seek to use its momentum to further our cause of slowing down.  Through this World Wide Web we can integrate with one another; promote each others' services, knowledge, and efforts to make the best of what we have right here right now.  Our desire for a more sustainable inter-dependent Hawaii depends upon our ability to localize, organize, and facilitate a daily lifestyle that fuels the change & sustains the way.  While we don't have concrete answers, more like questions and potential theories, of how this is done it appears certain that one of the more crucial elements to establish that vision is communication.

Having a central place to share & build upon is a foundational step to the realization of a more inter-dependent sustainable Hawaii.

Hawaii Eco Living Mission Statement:

Hawaii Eco Living is an information resource hub, a natural products & services company, and a community develop organization complemented by a web based network that supports real world integration among members, businesses, and organizations whose focus is on sustainability, ecology, & holistic human health.

Hawaii Eco Living

Hawaii Eco Living is a two person project at this time.  If you are on the Big Island and would like to participate in the development of this site please contact us.

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