Asante’ Gardens – Hawaii Intentional Community

Their Mission

The mission of Asanté Gardens is to live sustainably and joyfully as a tribal group in a permaculture-based, tropical food forest environment.  Our goal is to create a place of refuge, rejuvenation, and holistic education, and to become a model for emerging ecovillages around the world.

As an ecovillage, we intend to:
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  • live harmoniously, joyfully, and in deep gratitude of one another
  • become economically and environmentally sustainable, with a minimal ecological impact
  • be a model for intensive tropical food farming, producing an abundance and surplus of food year round, while using natural and organic farming methods, and permaculture
  • use eco-friendly alternatives for power, water, transportation, and waste systems
  • use and promote eco-friendly natural building techniques, using local and low-cost materials
  • become largely car-free and petroleum-free
  • achieve a state of zero landfill waste produced
  • cultivate a tribal, village lifestyle, where each person is accessing and expressing their highest creative potential
  • cultivate an economy of giving,  sharing, and thoughtful consideration of needs
  • promote compassionate, cooperative, and mindful living, as a way forward for human settlements on the planet, and to preserve and support ecosystems and the natural world

Visit Asante Gardens, A Hawaii Intentional Community.

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